The tender words that reveal how in love Alexandra Daddario is with Andrew Form

Alexandra Daddario She is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and, although her films have not been as successful as expected, her face is one of the most recognizable on the screen. In the midst of her work environment, she met her current partner, producer Andrew Form.

Alexandra Daddario wears a large diamond ring on her ring finger.

Since they are together, the 35-year-old actress and the 52-year-old producer have maintained an exquisite romance. Through social networks, celebrities have shown their many trips and adventures together, in which they express their deep love.

Alexandra Daddario She is very happy in her relationship and spares no words when referring to her lover. “This man is absolutely wonderful, he handles nonsense, nonsense, loss, life, difficulties very well, with grace and compassion,” the actress said on Instagram.

He also referred to his role as a father. Andrew Form he was married to the actress Jordan Brewster and with her he had 2 children. Alexandra Daddario He said these words to him: “You are a loving, funny, hard-working, honest, introspective, sexy, kind and sensitive father.”

Andrew Form and Alexandra Daddario live a movie romance.

The couple has not yet announced when the wedding date will be, but judging by how things are going, the wedding should be very close. for now Alexandra Daddario Y Andrew Formare dedicated to living their romance to its fullest.

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