The reason Britney Spears and Sam Asghari haven’t had their honeymoon

Taking into account that the also actor has just released his film hotseatthis trip of lovers can only take place once the promotional tour in which the handsome artist has embarked has finished.

“They want to go to Hawaii or somewhere international,” revealed an insider from the pop star’s entourage.

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Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are already married!

The same artist explained through her Instagram profile the reason why she could not go on a trip. “I haven’t gone on my honeymoon yet… I got married and moved to a new house at the same time,” the interpreter posted on her social media. spears He confessed that doing everything at the same time has not been a good idea, but he is very happy to open a new house. “Not the smartest thing. Everything is new, new pool, new kitchen, new bed… I think I’m in shock!” she wrote.

After freeing himself from his father’s abusive control, jamie spearsabout your finances and other very personal aspects of your life, britney she has become a “new” and “intrepid” woman.

His bond with the man who supported him the most during the toughest stages of his recent life has also contributed to intensifying that courage, which has also substantially improved the sentimental dynamics of the two lovers.

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