The passion shared by Tom Cruise and Tom Brady

Who knew that the star of the NFL and the protagonist of Top Gun would have something in common? Well today in Tork, we will show you the passion that these two celebrities share. Swipe and find out more!

Tom Brady It is still all the rage in the NFL, after confirming that does not plan to retire coming soon. On the other hand, the American actor, Tom Cruisehas recently launched the sequel to his famous movie top gun, so it is also on everyone’s lips. However, there is one passion, which has little to do with their professions, which unites them…

Clearly, these two huge celebrities, after several years of career, have managed to own estates of millions of dollars, which allowed them to give themselves the greatest luxuries. Among them, we find his hobby for high-end cars. And if sharing that fanaticism was not enough, it seems that also share the same model.

It’s about a Bugatti Veyron Sport, which stands out for being a totally exclusive car. This is because it is only they made 400 copies of these in 10 yearsand of course, the “Thomas” they were part of the lucky ones to get one, along with Jay-Z and Simon Cowell, among other famous people.

This French car features a 8-0L W16 engine which allows a power of 1200 hp and travel to one top speed of 431 km/h. However, what really stands out is the value of this vehicle. It is estimated that its price starts from 3 million dollarsa figure that only celebrities like them could have.

Another curious fact is that Tom Cruise will no longer be able to buy from this brand. Because when the actor attended the premiere of Mission Impossible III (2006) in his Veyron Sport, it cost him Too long to open your passenger door, so it was not good publicity for the company and they decided to add it to their blacklist. However, we do not doubt that two fans of speed and luxury will be able to share a high-end car model soon.

Tom Brady in his Bugatti Veyron Sport.

Tom Cruise at the premiere of Mission Impossible III.

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