The Kardashian empire strikes back, article by Mónica Vázquez

Everything comes back in this life, including the Kardashians. Regardless of who it weighs, the most televised American family in history returns to the small screen through the big door hand in hand with Disney + with another reality show that aims to recycle television format that launched them to fame more than fifteen years ago. Whether you miss them or not, the most prolific and camera-ready sisters have decided to continue nurturing the foster mother who brought them out of anonymity and promoted the individual careers that the different members of the family have created throughout their lives.

In 2007 we met the Kardashian-Jenners for the first time thanks to the television program ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, produced by Bunim-Murray Productions and Ryan Seacrest Productions and broadcast on the American television channel E! The sisters have grown up in front of the cameras under the daily scrutiny of a world that eagerly devoured the vanity fair that was his life. From a small scandal that we would have forgotten after three days, this family spoiled by luck has known how to create and grow an unpredictable and amazing media empire, starring in one of the most interesting social debates on the nature of the television media and the possibilities of the reality television format. Kris Jenner and her daughters have created a way of life hitherto unknown, defying society’s expectations of rich girls frolicking in the privilege of a guaranteed free life. Her ‘new’ reality show on Disney+, now produced by themselvesinvites us to be part of the joke that is the life of a family that is so disconnected from reality that sometimes it causes anger, laughter, or sorrow, butunashamedly and naturally accept their faults and eccentricities. There will be those who admire them and there will be those who despise them, but what is clear is that the Kardashians still have things to say, after more than fifteen years emotionally undressing on the screens of millions of homes around the world.

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