The insults of the ‘Garra’ Draft: Is the ‘trash talking’ of the film the same as in the NBA? – Movie News

In the new Adam Sandler, the protagonist, played by Juancho Hernangómez, faces the mental game of his antagonist played by Anthony Edwards. Is this what players experience in a basketball game?

“Is it legal to have children with your mother in Spain? Not here.” that tells you kermit wilts a Bo Cruz in Claw, the Netflix movie starring Adam Sandler about basketball. In one of the moments of the film, when the protagonist is risking his future in the NBA during the Draft -player selection process-, his enemy, played by Anthony Edwards, insults him to try to destabilize him. It is not the first time, he already does it at the beginning of the film, only that in the reunion of him he crosses the line.

That tactic, known as ‘trash talking’ (in Spanish something like ‘talk trash’), is common in the NBA. However, do you reach that level during a basketball game? Edwards, the protagonist of the ‘trash talking’ in the film directed by Jeremiah Zagar, has spoken about this in an interview with CinemaBlend.

According to the player of the minnesota timberwolves:

I don’t think it will go much further, no. I don’t think they get that disrespectful in games. But in the movie, I’m very disrespectful. So yeah, it’s crazy… A lot of the stuff I say is way over the line

Edwards, on the other hand, has seen how ‘trash talking’ has been introduced in basketball in such a way that even the children who play it already use it. “The kids I see now, today, who are in fifth or fourth grade, are trash talking,” he says. “We didn’t do ‘trash talking’ back then, but they are already doing it, because the game has evolved year after year after year. I mean, it’s gotten worse.” From Edwards’s words, this mental game of destabilizing the opposition exists in the NBA, although it does not reach the limits that appear in Claw.

In addition to the ‘trash talking’, Hernangómez told us in SensaCinema that “the movie has done an amazing job of trying to keep it as close to reality as possible”. “All the tests that are passed before the Draft, I have experienced that, and it is very very similar,” she adds.

Claw follow Stanley Sugerman, an NBA scout who finds in Spain who could be the new basketball star. The chosen one is Bo Cruz, a young man with a troubled past. Ben Foster, Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall and Maria Botto round out the main cast.

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