the day Johnny Depp played a serious prank on her and then surprised her with an expensive gift

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard starred in one of the most controversial trials in Hollywood history after the actor sued his ex-wife for defamation following an article published in 2018.

Back then, Amber Heard wrote a column for Washington Post and claimed to have been a “victim of domestic violence”, a situation for which Depp launched a legal battle against him.

More than three weeks after the verdict of the trial between the two artists, stories and anecdotes of the marriage between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continue to emerge.

One of these stories, which has become extremely popular on social media, is about the day the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean He played a practical joke on his then-wife by making her believe that her car had been stolen.

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In 2015, as part of a prank for the TV show overhauling, Amber Heard was shocked to believe that her car, a vintage lead-colored Mustang, had been stolen for the third time.

Given the alleged robbery, several police officers, who were actually actors, arrived at the scene and began taking pictures with both artists instead of helping them.

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This situation caused the fury of Amber Heard, who began to demand that they solve the alleged crime and return himgo to his car.

However, minutes later it was revealed that the alleged theft of the vehicle was a joke organized by Johnny Depp and the artist’s fatherwho wanted to surprise her with an expensive gift.

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To the surprise of Amber Heard, her old Mustang, which had been her first car and the actress bought it with the little income she had when she was young, It was completely modified and the hue was changed to a bright red color.

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