The creator of No More Heroes 3 would like a movie with Ryan Gosling as the protagonist


You only have to remember Ryan Gosling in Drive to imagine him as Travis Touchdown.

Undoubtedly, SUDA51 is one of the most eccentric video game creators of the sector, he still plays a robot with feelings in the latest Devolver Digital event, which makes a video game of a cheerleader with a chainsaw who kills zombies** with her boyfriend’s head hanging as a keyring or of a murderer with a metal arm that he fights on the Moon** and has special sunglasses to see girls in underwear. Although above the other projects of hers, she is known for No More Heroesand it would be clear who would play Travis Touchdown if a movie was made of the game.

In a recent interview with ShackNews on the occasion of the announcement of No More Heroes 3 for Xbox, PlayStation and PC consoles, SUDA51 assures that if a No More Heroes movie were made, he would like that Ryan Gosling played Travis Touchdown, the protagonist of the series. As for the director, he would choose his friend James Gunn or Takashi Miike if I had to be a Japanese director.

The creator of No More Heroes 3 would like a movie with Ryan Gosling as the protagonist

Travis Touchdown is the protagonist of the No More Heroes series.

For now no confirmation that a No More Heroes movie is in production or it will be done later, but it would not be the first time that the Japanese creative works with James Gunn. The director of Guardians of the Galaxy was designer and writer of Lollipop Chainsaw, and assures that today it was an inspiration for his latest film about The Suicide Squad. Having Ryan Gosling for the main role would be much more complicated to fulfill, his cache should not be cheap.

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No More Heroes 3 comes to home consoles and PC

No More Heroes 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch and coming to Xbox, PlayStation and PC consoles next October 6. Don’t hesitate to consult our No More Heroes 3 review to find out all the details of Travis Touchdown’s new adventure against the aliens. We will see how the team adapts the particularities of the Joy-Con to the rest of the platforms and, of course, if it corrects the technical problems present in this version.

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