The 26 players in Gerardo Martino’s orbit to attend Qatar 2022

FIFA will allow national teams to attend Qatar 2022 with 26 players; ESPN presents those that Gerardo Martino has taken into account the most

The FIFA confirmed that the selections that contest the Qatar World Cup 2022 They will have lists of 26 players and not 23, as was done in recent editions of the World Cup. This is due to the singular moment of the year in which this world Cup and the context due to the pandemic covid19.

With this in mind, Gerardo Martino will have to expand his panorama to carry three more players with the Mexican team and thus give them the opportunity to have minutes in the most important national team tournament in the world.

then in ESPN We present you with a possible list, which contains the names of the players who had the most calls, the most minutes and who are liked by Gerardo Martinoas well as his coaching staff.

It should be clarified that this is not the final list and the South American strategist will define it months before the start of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

There is no doubt that the America goalkeeper is the wide favorite to start the national team. In addition, Ochoa will experience his fifth World Cup and he is one of the essentials for Martino, since his level with the team is superlative.

The ‘Machín’ had a growth in his game and is one of the best elements in Europe. He is the undisputed starter with Ajax and also with Martino, as he aims to be the contender to start the World Cup.

The ‘Chucky’ is part of the national team’s emblem attacking trident. If he is physically fit, there is also no doubt that it will be the Napoli winger who stands up in the first game.

The Wolverhampton striker is not at his best or sharp aim, but his experience in England certainly makes him part of the national attack.

The same case with the ‘Tecatito’, who is the last piece of the Tricolor attack. With Sevilla he is one of the most outstanding players and has the goal of putting that level in the national team.

The ‘Little Prince’ will experience what is his last World Cup and he is the leader in the locker room. His experience is vital not only for ‘Tata’, but for the younger national players.

The new Cremonese central defender from Serie A is going to be one of those who will have his first experience in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. His tour of the Old Continent makes him one of the elements that ‘Tata’ can rely on the lower part of the team.

The Chivas winger is one of the elements that appear in Liga MX and one of the main replacements for the luxury trident, in addition to being one of the elements that can start as interior midfielders.

The second goalkeeper of Martino and the national team. Despite his 39 years, the veteran goalkeeper, now in Bravos de Juárez, is number two under the three posts in the Tricolor.

The ‘Puppy’ is another of the elements that stands out in the central defense and who will go safely to the World Cup as long as he is one hundred percent physically.

The central defender is also another of the players in whom Martino trusts the most and aims to have minutes in Asian territory.

The Genk player from Belgium has had interesting performance peaks with the national team and is one of the elements that points to ownership. After resolving the issues with the coaching staff, he earned the opportunity to be called up once more.

He is the one who has the ownership of the right wing of the national team and who will surely experience the opening match in the starting eleven.

The ‘Zorro’ can also have his World Cup revenge and is one of the leaders in the locker room due to his experience.

The Cruz Azul element is one of the players who best play as interiors and aims to be on the World Cup plane.

He is one of the options in Martino’s attack and substitute for Raúl Alonso Jiménez. The America player points to Qatar 2022 as one of the main triggers.

The ‘Brujo’ resumed his level with Cruz Azul and is a pillar of the sky-blue team. Antuna is also one of the main changes in the positions of Corona and Lozano.

The ‘Wizard’ is not having his best individual moment, but his imbalance, as well as his good technique, make him one of the elements that can have a good influence on the Mexican attack.

He is the one who alternates with Gerardo Arteaga on the left side. Depending on the moment he lives, it will be like the Monterrey player has possibilities above the Genk element.

The Rayados containment is one of the main substitutes for Edson Álvarez. His power in recovering the ball makes him very reliable for Martino.

The defender’s experience will be key to leading the younger players like Johan Vásquez and César Montes. Although the competition is tough, his experience can lead him to be a starter.

The Real Betis youth has had many ups and downs with the Spanish squad, but he shows his enthusiasm every time he puts on the national jersey, so the youth can have good moments in the World Cup.

Finally, the “Twin” is among the insured, since he was naturalized Mexican and “Tata” immediately took him into account to be the new starter while Raúl Jiménez was away from the courts.

‘Chaquito’ would be player 24, based on the need to keep the attack fresh, in addition to the fact that with his sacrifice and performances he has earned a place in the last ‘Tata’ calls.

In the fight for the right back, ‘Chaka’ is one of the elements that was there from the start of Martino’s process, but an injury has left him out of the group. If he is physically ready, he would be one of those on the list.

The ‘Piojo’ is one of the players who has added the most minutes since 2019 when Martino arrived. His involvement on the wings can give him more options for the national attack.

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