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’10 things I hate about you’

The story of this book revolves around Catalina Minola, a woman who drives away all her suitors. This would not matter much, but her father, a rich merchant, refuses to give the hand of her youngest daughter, Blanca, unless Catalina has married.

When Petruchio, a carefree young man, arrives in the city and begins courting the eldest of the Minola sisters, he represents an opportunity for Blanca’s suitors.

’10 things I hate about you’ reflects practically the same story, but adapted to modernity. And it is that the protagonists of her go to school and instead of having to get married, Bianca must get her older sister to find her partner so that they let her have a date.

‘A Girl in Distress’

This movie starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum is actually a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic ‘Twelfth Night’.

In the play, after losing her twin brother, Viola pretends to be a man so she can work in a palace with Count Orsino. However, quite a twist begins to occur when the woman Orsino is in love with begins to have feelings for Viola disguised as a man.

In ‘A girl in trouble’, the plot is practically the same but adapted to modernity. In it, Viola pretends to be her brother in order to get on the men’s soccer team.

This film starring Emma Stone narrates how Olive lies to her best friend and tells her that she has lost her virginity to a college student. However, someone listens to them and they begin to spread the rumor, which is becoming more and more distorted.

Olive is furious and doesn’t want to give everyone the satisfaction of seeing her defeated, so she buys provocative clothes and begins to take her role as the “easy” girl in school more seriously, even if it’s all just for appearances.

You can even see how an “A” is put as a reference to the protagonist of ‘The Scarlet Letter’. This 1850 novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne is about a woman who was accused of adultery, an aspect that ‘Easy A’ takes up in a more modern way.

Released in 1999, ‘She’s All That’ tells how Laney, a young woman considered unattractive at her school, is chosen as the center of a bet between two friends. And it is that, to win the bet, Zack must transform her into a dance queen. What he did not contemplate is that he would fall in love with her on the way.

It is an adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s classic ‘Pygmalion’, in which a professor makes a bet with his colleague that he will turn the uneducated florist Elisa into a true lady.

This is a Netflix movie, which narrates how Ellie Chu agrees to write letters addressed to the girl who likes a young athlete from her school. What she does not expect is to fall in love with the same person along the way.

In this sense, ‘Si supieras’ is an adaptation of ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ by Edmond Rostand. In it, the protagonist, Cyrano, writes letters to Roxane, a young woman who likes his best friend Christian. The problem is that Cyrano begins to have feelings for her, while Roxane thinks that the one who writes the letters is Christian and not him.

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