State of the Region Debate

If the first day of the Debate on the State of the Region is an Estrella Damm announcement, the second is a neighborhood meeting of ‘There is no one living here’. Hopefully in the next one a voice will sound like in the theater before starting. “Turn off your mobile phones and don’t smoke. To speak they raise their hand to me and to insult they also raise it to me». Jesús María García (Jesusmari Como Puños) is our particular Juan Cuesta and Concha Andreu our particular Paloma.

It is true that our Parliament is a bit larger than the marriage hall and that its armchairs seem to be more comfortable than the Cuestas’ chairs, but the air seems just as unbreathable as in those neighborhood discussions between Mauri, Marisa , ‘herbs’, Emilio and company. Sometimes, luckily, also just as comical and hilarious. We even have our particular “how cute is this girl always”, but we will leave it to the reader to decide to which deputy she grants such a distinguished distinction.

I remembered the session this Thursday to that chapter in which the neighbors exchange gifts and Juan Cuesta has one of those big video cameras from the early 2000s. “The faces, Juan, record their faces,” Paloma repeats all the time while Fernando and Mauri freak him out with a “lamp” that they don’t even know what it is. Something like this has left us this second debate. Because if the face is the mirror of the soul, in the case of our deputies it reflects a certain despondency. Fatigue. Neglect. procrastination The same, again.

Even in the most enthusiastic such as Pablo Baena (Citizens) and Jesús Ángel Garrido (PP), protagonists of the face-to-face with the president. In fact, Concha Andreu has tried to put pressure on the rest of the political parties by talking about certain divisions by not having these leaders defined for 2023. A procedural debate like a neighborhood meeting on a weekday at eight in the afternoon . Because if you take Juan Cuesta’s camera and listen to Paloma, you find faces that don’t want to be in Parliament but in the offices where the electoral lists are decided.

These two days are usually the starting signal for the electoral pre-campaign in La Rioja, but this time we are not clear about the candidates to fight for the Riojan vote next May. Not even Conrado Escobar in Logroño, who has been seen for a little while in the old Convent of La Merced like that friend who stops by your house when he finds out that there is a party. Alfonso Domínguez and Alberto Bretón had those circumstantial faces like someone who is waiting for the bus, he is in a hurry to get to the place and sees that it is not coming, which inexorably condemns him to be late. Very late. Although better late than never. Carlos Cuevas looked very concentrated, glasses through, the screen on which his endless afternoon speech would surely be and all the possible paths that lead him to the third way. Meanwhile, Cuca Gamarra was caressing a cat somewhere in Genoa, thinking of his two men with the same fate.

If you kept recording the faces, zooming in a lot, Pablo Baena would end up looking like Keanu Reeves because of his obsession with the Matrix. So much so that Concha Andreu told her that she would surely take the blue pill and then we all began to get nervous lest we were in a nursing home and not in the aforementioned film. Luckily, we have already said that Marqués de San Nicolás street is the setting for a series and in its last boring chapter nothing will contribute to the history of Riojan politics. Only a video with the dejected faces of many deputies who are already counting the months until they leave knowing that they will not return and others who remember those teenagers after recess in Language and Literature class.

And we need someone to put order in the house. We need to have someone like in ‘There is no one alive here’ they have Emilio. We need opposition. We need candidates -only Concha Andreu is confirmed-. We need political projects. We need new illusions. We need vacations to gain strength and face the party of democracy with enthusiasm. And that there is still a year left. In short, we need a little please.

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