So Kendall Jenner and Lamborghini dazzle China

Kendall Jenner is a declared fan of cars. In her latest production for the prestigious “Vogue” -in her edition for the Asian giant- Kendall poses next to an avant-garde “supercar”. Next, a history of haute couture and automotive culture.

The talented American model Kendall Jenner He is a recognized figure around the world thanks to his work on the catwalks. Born in 1995 in sunny Los Angeles California, Kendall has been able to forge her own style within modeling. She is considered, by the press specialized in fashion, a Super model. Few people can claim that prestigious nickname.

She started her career in her teens and from a very young age she had to learn to deal with paparazzi, the dizziness of fame and the feeling of not being able to go unnoticed. Partly because of the exposure that her career as a model gives her and partly because of her environment, Kendall is part of the Kardashian family and actively participates in the reality show. Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

With his characteristic imprint, his 1.79 height and an athletic physique, Kendall is positioned today among the most prestigious models.

However, Kenny has other passions outside of the fashion industry. On the one hand basketball and on the other cars. Her attachment to her cars comes from her childhood and she has accompanied her throughout the years. So much so that she has formed a very interesting personal collection.

Outside of the exuberance, the cars are a display of personality and style. In his last great production he does nothing more than demonstrate it. The prestigious magazine -and portal- fashion He has chosen her for the cover of his new issue in the Chinese edition. fashionhaving different audiences, it is normal to plan productions focused on regions or on a particular country.

It is not known if it was a decision of Kendall or from the Vogue production, but in the photos Kendall poses next to a cutting-edge Lamborghini. I would risk sentencing: the most avant-garde model of Lambo. It is specifically about the Lamborghini Aventador J.

an empty road, Kendall dressed entirely in black contrasting with a gold necklace and belt, with a new haircut and sunglasses. These are the condiments that make up the production of Vogue photos, in addition to the aforementioned Lamborghini.

Let’s see some features of this avant-garde sports car. It has a 6.5-liter 12-cylinder engine placed in V. This allows the “absurd” number of 700 hp and a 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds. Its top speed marks it at 350 km/h. All this managed by a 7-speed automatic transmission. As you will notice, a car that has well earned the nickname of “supercar”.

Kendall Jenner and the Lamborghini Aventador J for ‘Vogue’

Kendall Jenner and the Lamborghini Aventador J for ‘Vogue’

Now I ask you, reader, Did you know the Lamborghini Aventador J?

Source Cover Image: Vogue Magazine

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