Shakira, the look goes viral | Dizzying neckline

Shakira’s look left everyone breathless: did you see that crazy neckline? What she wore is amazing, look.

The famous pop star is confirmed not only as icon from music but also of fashion. The look for the renowned TV show it immediately became one of the most copied, you have seen what did she wear?

Shakira (Ansa)

In the history of the pop musicthere is no name as famous as his. Shakira has undoubtedly written one of the most important pages of all when it comes to music on an international level. With a career among the richest and longest-lived assets, the Colombian cantate continues to collect successes. His talent it is unparalleled and, to prove it, it is there fame who got yours songs and that continue to collect despite the passing of time. Often ended up in the center of pink chroniclesrecently we are talking about her and the separation by the historic boyfriend, the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué. Today everyone knows Shakirahis name has a worldwide reputation: but you have given the look with which she showed herself on social media? Watch what he wore.

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Born in Barranquilla in 1977, Shakira boasts a reputation that has no equal. She became very famous when she was still very young, there pop star Colombian has set up a unique career of its kind. Not only! Give her collaborations with the great names of international music, the artist gave birth to tracks that have made millions of fans around the globe fall in love with them. Among these it is impossible not to remember Can’t Remember To Forget You with Rihanna, Chantaje with Maluma, Beautiful Liar with Beyoncè and many others. Today the Colombian singer is among the most loved ever not only for the voice unmistakable but also for the beauty breathtaking. Watch as it appeared on the web.

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There photo in question lies on the Instagram profile of the singer, who boasts a following to say the least crazy. Here the artist has chosen a look very particular to attend a note transmission television.

shakira neckline
Shakira (Instagram)

It is a couple of trousers in leather that wrap the beautiful ones to perfection curves of the singer. But to capture theAttention it was mainly the top, of a fiery red color. The latter presents a neckline really very generous, which enhances the best physicist of the pop star. To all, Shakira he combined a black belt and left the long ones loose hair blonde.

Have you seen the neckline crazy about Shakira?

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