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who have been able to enjoy ‘Claw’, a film starring and produced by Adam Sandler They have only been able to get praise from her, but what no one would ever imagine is that another of her main figures was convinced to join the cast once she realized that the boredom generated by the Covid-19 pandemic was pushing him towards acting.

This character is none other than NBA player Juancho Hernangomez, a basketball promise that had never been outlined to be part of any project like the one he now leads together with the comedian and with whom he also made an almost perfect duo, well He assures that after meeting him he would not hesitate to return to the recording set if he is the one who carries out another story for Netflix.

This surprised his followers, because what no one would have imagined is that he would have some resistance to this tape that has now only given him success in his career in which he now debuted through the front door. And all this thanks to the motivation that the athlete’s sister always had for him to decide to do it.

The unexpected excuse for which the NBA player Juancho Hernangómez recorded ‘Garra’

In ‘Claw’ Juancho Hernangomez plays Bo Cruz, a young man with a very dark past who is only looking for a new opportunity to shine on the courts and Sandler is on his way, who plays a former coach who is willing to help him in his goals.

Here you can see that this young man manages to show his basketball skills along with acting, a facet that he had never imagined exploring, but that came to him in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that paralyzed the world and made him analyze the possibility of risking doing it to put aside boredom and be active, but now in front of the cameras.

“After many months in which I had said no, that I did not want to do a casting, that at no time had my dream been to be an actor and that I was focused on my work, that I had just been transferred and that year I played a contract, the NBA stopped. Covid emerged and nobody knew what was going to happen to the world and, confined to my brother’s house and after spending a very boring month, my sister encouraged me to do the casting. She had no idea how to audition. We started recording and playing movies. And in the end, playing the movies, I made a real movie,” the actor told the Sensacine portal.

With this he shows that He is no longer afraid of anything and if another proposal arrives he would not hesitate to accept it.

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