SEDAL City: video game for gamer girls

In order to have a more friendly space for girls gamer, Fishing line launched SEDAL Citya video game with metaverse experience for multiplayer platform Roblox. Its main objective is to inspire young women to overcome the obstacles that society itself has imposed on women.

Did you know that 41% of the 3.1 billion gamers around the world are people who identify as women? Despite this, most game stories do not have a girl as the “heroine” or protagonist of their plots.

This is what motivated Sedal, Uniliver’s hair care brand, to create a different experience by presenting as main characters women who totally move away from the standards, in terms of beauty and capabilities, which have surrounded the world of video games. An example of this is that she took Jessica Lakshmi, a Mexican biopharmaceutical chemist, as a model to appear as the game’s avatar and host.

SEDAL City: the video game for gamer girls from Roblox Studio

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Jessica currently uses her social networks to bring girls closer to the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With this, in addition to her avatar, her great work is part of Sedal’s campaign to promote her video game.

SEDAL City was created by Karta, a metaverse creative agency, and Roforco, a Roblox Game Studio. It will be launched this month in Mexico and will have 4 different mini games where you can play at the same time with other girls. One of them is Salonista, where they will manage their own beauty salon.

In order to make the purpose of this video game even more real, Sedal, in conjunction with UDEMY, a learning platform on-linemade available to all players 20 free courses. Discover them here.

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