Rhea Ripley would soon return to WWE programming

Last Monday on RAW, Bianca Belair announced that Rhea Ripley would not be able to compete in Money in the Bank because she was not medically cleared. However, WWE did not want to elaborate on the situation, and no one knew specifically what Ripley’s injury was. Subsequently, its own Ripley angrily replied to a user on Instagram that he questioned his injury, and mentioned that it is a brain and teeth problem. These were his words:

“Brain/teeth. A brain injury cannot be seen. Stop being an incompetent who gets nowhere.”

Later, it was discovered that the fighter sand injured during the June 6 Fatal-4-Way on RAWmatch where Ripley hit her head with her own knee after a bad fall.

Well-known wrestling journalists Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez were able to discuss Ripley’s injury in greater depth on the Wrestling Observer radio show. According to Meltzer, he is expected to be back relatively soon. These were his words:

“His teeth were knocked out in a fight and they had to put braces on him. The braces were clearly visible the last time he was on TV. The other thing must be when he talked about ‘brain,’ which he usually usually means shock. Like we said, we talked about it on Monday when they announced it, the two things WWE doesn’t like to talk about is COVID and concussions.

I’ve met people from WWE who have told me openly: ‘They told us not to say that.’ She said, although she didn’t use the word shock, but she said that she had a brain injury. She’s not going to be on the pay-per-view, obviously. They made it clear, but it is not expected to be a long absence. He is expected to be back relatively soon.”

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