Price of the dollar today June 22 peso gains ground again

Today Wednesday June 22, 2022, the dollar quotes at 20.0495 pesos per unit with an upward trend in real time. According to the report of Banxico, the peso regains ground on this day. The spot interbank dollar closed at 20.0168 units, which represents a gain of 12.95 cents for the Mexican currency compared to the price of this Tuesday.

The peso continued to show appreciation in this session, after the president of the United States Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, delivered his speech in front of the Senate, highlighting that inflation has surprised and there is the possibility of more surprises. However, he stated that the US economy is strong enough to withstand a monetary tightening.

On the other hand, Banxico’s pronouncement on its benchmark interest rate is expected tomorrow, for which an increase of 75 basis points is not ruled out. Next, this is how the greenback is listed in some banks in the country.

Dollar price in banks mexicans:

  • Bank of Mexico: Buy $20.0168 – Sell: $20.0168
  • HSBC: Buy: $19.17 – Sell: $19.86
  • Banamex: Buy: $19.87 – Sell: $21.10
  • Bancomer: Buy: $19.83 – Sell: $20.73
  • Banorte: Purchase: $19.15 – Sale: $20.55
  • Scotiabank: Buy: $20.14 – Sell: $20.91
  • IXE: Purchase: $19.15 – Sale: $20.55
  • Bajio Bank: Purchase: $19.80 – Sale: $20.90
  • Monex: Purchase: $20.08- Sale: $20.61
  • Azteca Bank: Purchase: $20.15 – Sale: $20.89
  • Inbursa: Purchase: $20.10 – Sale: $21.10
  • Santander: Buy: $19.53 – Sell: $21.06
  • Exchange: Purchase: $19.45 – Sale: $20.46
  • Banregio: Purchase: $19.12 – Sale: $20.70

As for the bitcoinat the moment it is at $19,858.60 with a downtrend in real time.

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referring to euroit is quoted at $21.19 pesos, for $24.59 pesos of the pound sterling overall average.

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