Paparazzi denounces Dua Lipa for uploading her photos to Instagram without permission

Singer Dua Lipawhich will offer a concert in Mexico in September as part of its Future Nostalgia Tour, was sued by photographer Robert Barberawho accuses her of posting photos of herself taken in 2018 on her Instagram account without the permission of the author.

The also model, who could repeat her role as an actress in the live action of Barbie, had already faced legal problems under the same fault, when the Integral Images agency argued in 2021 that it used an image of its collaborators where he leaves an airport wearing a hat, although it was dismissed with prejudice. This is in addition to those who claim that she allegedly plagiarized her hit ‘Levitating’ from her.

The court documents filed in the District Court of Californiain the United States, argue that the interpreter committed a copyright infringement on a snapshot in which he wore a black sweater with the word ‘heroes’ in capital letters, which he has since deleted.

“Without the permission or authorization of the plaintiff, the defendant voluntarily selected, copied, stored and displayed each of the plaintiff’s copyrighted photographs,” says the lawsuit written by attorney Craig Sanders via Billboard.

What does the plaintiff ask Dua Lipa?

According to Barbera’s defence, the British advertise your music and promote brands and business interests in your social network, so profited financially by increasing traffic, in addition to harming your potential market.

The photographer requests actual damages and return of all profits attributable to the imagean order prohibiting Lipa from infringing on any of her other jobs, in addition to bear the costs of the lawsuit.

In 2019 and 2020 the same creator unsuccessfully sued Ariana Grande to publish and in 2013 the person involved was the Canadian Justin Bieber.

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