Netflix: Regé-Jean returns to Bridgerton? The actor clears all the doubts

The actor was seen with one of his companions in the series and sparked rumors.

The actor was seen with one of his companions in the series and sparked rumors.

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One of the most successful series in recent years on Netflix is ​​’Bridgerton‘ and no doubt Rege-Jean Pagebecame one of the most desirable actors around the world, not only for his beauty, but also for his style and talent.

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The British starred in the first season alongside Phoebe Dynevorpremiered in December 2020. In March of this year the series returned, many expected his appearance, but Dynevor was the only one who returned from the two as a secondary character.

Now that much has been said about the third installment, which is thought to be released in mid-2023, there are some fans who are still hoping to return to Page as Duke Simon Basset.

Regé-Jean Page puts an end to the rumors

In recent days, during Milan Fashion Week, Regé-Jean Page was seen sharing with Jonathan Baileywith whom he shared credits in ‘Bridgerton’, which fueled rumors of a possible return.

Faced with so much expectation, the London actor decided to clarify all doubts about returning to Netflix’s period production, “The boys are back in town”, he recently wrote in a photo in which he appeared with his former partner, and clarified: “No, by the way, I’m not going back to the show, the papers made that up.. But we had the best, most elegant gathering I’ve had in a long time with great Italian coffee and sunshine.”

It seems that the celebrity, who is now the face of Armani’s Code perfume, is dead set on not returning to the project, “I’m open to experiences and people introducing me to something new, and I’m like, ‘Oh, that would be cool. ‘ and I stay with that for a while, but it takes something special to grab my attention,” she told Elle magazine.

“My favorite thing about this job is to continue to reserve space to surprise myself, to reserve space and excite myself,” added Regé-Jean Page, who is part of the cast of ‘The Gray Man,’ the action film starring by Ryan Gosling and Chris Evan. “And I think the best way to do that is to not cement what you think you want,” she added.

What is known about the new season of Bridgerton?

Speaking of Bridgerton, everything seems to indicate that the cast has already started recording the new episodes. The upcoming season will focus on the story of Penelope Featherington, played by Nicola Coughlan, and how she finds love with Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton). In fact, new characters are expected to arrive, as Nicola previously mentioned.

Rege-Jean Page in The Gray Man

On the other hand, As previously mentioned, Regé-Jean is one of the main characters in ‘The Gray Man’, a Netflix movie that will be released in July and that has already been listed as the most expensive film made by the Platform of streaming.

In this project, the interpreter gives life to Denny Carmichael, head of the clandestine services of the CIA. In a recent interview, he expressed that the feature film, directed by the Russo brothers, will be revolutionary:

“I mean, the scope of all this is crazy. I think the Russos have talked about that publicly in terms of how many stages they have, in terms of the size of their ambition for this project. When I saw the film in a projection room, it shook me physically. So I don’t think there are limits to how big this is. It’s the biggest action movie I’ve ever seen.”

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