Neither Bale, nor Crowe… the most talked about trailer for the new ‘Thor’ is the anatomy of Chris Hemsworth

The new trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder gives to talk about many things before the premiere of the film on July 8. We finally got to see Christian bale like a terrifying Cap, as well as Natalie Portman embracing his inner Goddess of Thunder with action scenes that leave the man himself impressed Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

However, none of that has aroused as much expectation as Thor’s ass. Yes, you read correctly, Hemsworth’s ass is being the absolute protagonist among the reactions to the trailer for the movie Taika Waititi. Right at the end of the trailer, after the title of the film, we see the Asgardian in front of Zeus (Russell Crowe). He is tied up and wearing a blue robe, although the robe is short-lived.

To which he is careless, Crowe has undressed him to the satisfaction of those present. Although the images show the pixelated character’s butt, network users are already commenting on the moment. Looks like we have an avenger who could steal Chris Evans the title of ‘America’s ass’…

“Does this mean we will see it uncensored in the movie?”

“It’s out…Thor’s ass.”

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