MR Dripping, the stars’ favorite ‘dripping’ artist, in Palma

Halfway between painting and performancethe artist’s work MR Dripping –alias Mark Ríos (Barcelona, ​​1987)–, who uses the dripping technique used by Jackson Pollock to trace his works, has drawn the attention of great stars of cinema, music or sports, as well as celebrities and influencers. Not surprisingly, his portraits are priced upwards. Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Neymar, Sebastián Yatra, Nieves Álvarez, Xavi Hernández, Carlos Rivera or Antonio Banderas are some of the stars who have one of his creations at home. All of them are made rigorously direct “before the client, which makes the experience and the connection between the two very special,” the Catalan painter told Ultima Hora yesterday, hours before opening an exhibition at Gallery Red in Palma, where he also offered a performance together with another artist, the Mallorcan Elena Gual.

MR Dripping is one of the latest signings of Gallery Red, hence his visit to Palma. His work will be exhibited in this space in Plaça Chopin de Ciutat, some pieces that, obviously, “are already done, but for me the best way to show my work is to create it live, so that what I do is understood; the drip technique is fun », he says. That is the main attraction of a creator who has caught the attention, not only of big stars from all walks of life, but also of brands and big events. Not surprisingly, he has made works for events such as the Super Cup or the Copa del Rey final, where he coincided with Felipe VI himself, experiences that “enrich a lot, although I have to confess that at first I was very nervous, now I have more controlled. In this sense, one of the last events in which he participated was at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, where he made a large canvas for Marvel on the occasion of the premiere of Spider-Man: No way home.

MR Dripping poses with Neymar Jr with his portrait.

the beginning

The beginnings of MR Dripping go back “to when I was a child, I always liked to paint and I knew that in one way or another that was going to accompany me,” he confesses. She is not wrong. She knew the technique of dripping (drip) contemplating Pollock and, little by little, he was exploring and perfecting his technique. He is attracted to him because “it’s unpredictable, it’s almost like an accident,” he maintains. In addition, it is a way of creating “unique, it is impossible to copy because no two works are the same.”

Will Smith is one of the great names in cinema that has a portrait of the Catalan artist.

Felipe VI was able to see first-hand the work of MR Dripping in the Copa del Rey final.

Such is his handling of the drip that he is capable of making a portrait “in just ten minutes”, even before stars of the stature of Will Smith or Tom Cruise. The power of social networks has made half the world admire his work and, from there, reach big names in international entertainment, including personalities from the United Arab Emirates. A meteoric career that has brought him to Mallorca, where Rafa Nadal lives, whom he would like to portray: “Now that I’m here, who knows,” he concludes.

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