mission impossible to differentiate the deepfake from reality

Artificial Intelligence never ceases to amaze us. Just a few days ago Paris Hilton caused a stir after sharing a video on her social networks, where she appeared very caramelized with Tom Cruise. However, this clip was about a deepfake created by the TikTok account @deeptomcruisewhere he had the help of the imitator Miles Fisher.

“Do you think people are going to really believe this?” asks Hilton in the hilarious video. A fact that aroused the confusion of the most clueless, since the celebrity is currently married to Carter Milliken Reum. “I think most people would believe anything,” the fake Cruise hilariously replied.

In addition to Fisher’s great imitation skills, the American makes use of technology created by stunt effects expert Chris Ume, who is really behind the TikTok account. A very advanced art that these years we have been able to see in the cinema on the increase, being built through thousands of images of the face that you want to introduce in a foreign body.

In truth, this is not the first time Hilton, Fisher and Ume have collaborated. In the past, both They already shared another video eating cereals together. Really, it is difficult to identify which is the true deepfake.

This same technology was behind the incredible appearance of the Millie Bobby Brown’s childhood regression in the fourth season of stranger things, showing us the benefits of this well-used art. However, it is also behind the controversy resurrection of various actors from the past, such as James Deanwhich have caused the real horror.

A negative aspect that is also added to the complaints of many users due to its dangerous nature, due to possible identity theft. A fact that has already been seen in some fake sex tapes posted on social media, where the faces of some performers had been added digitally. One reason why this technological development still divides people a lot.

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