Martha Higareda: Martha Higareda says that the worst “bear” of her life was in front of Keanu Reeves and Chris Evans | Present

Absolutely everyone, everyone at some point in life goes through an embarrassing situation, even for artists, people who think that good things happen to them all the time, this is no exception.

It is precisely because of the above that today we want to tell you about one of the experiences lived by the actress Martha Higareda, who assured in an interview that lived one of the worst “bears” of his life while he was in front of Keanu Reeves and Chris Evans.

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Due to the details she shared in said talk, the actress would have gone through this embarrassing moment when she was filming her first American film.

It was in 2008, just when the recordings of the tape began “Street Kings” and the director improvised a scene in a pool in which she had to swim from end to end and then go out and go to the actor Forest Whitaker, who would be preparing some hamburgers, then go to Keanu Reeves so that he covered her with a towel and then go to a table where Chris Evans, Hugh Laurie and other actors were.

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Martha Higareda followed the director’s instructions, but when she began to float to wait for the famous “action!” She began to get tired because they took a long time and when she swam, after the director’s signal, she began to run out of air and when she left the pool, instead of coming out in a ‘sexy and glamorous’ way, she came out desperately wanting to breathe . Once she followed the sequence of the scene, the actress began to notice that her classmates looked at her in a very strange way.

Once he couldn’t take it anymore, Higareda asked his companions what was happening and they told him in unison: “You have a booger!”

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“I had it all the time, of course! I swam, I went out as a whale and I had it all the time. What a horrible story.” said.

Here we present how this scene turned out, but without the mucus of the famous actress:

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