Mama Lucha explains to the consumer why Bodega Aurrerá repeats prices

  • Mama Lucha is a character that Bodega Aurrerá has exploited both on her social media account and with the voice of this character, to receive directions on Waze.

  • The measure has become an interesting movement for brands, which seeks to understand the value of certain in-store promotion strategies.

  • To date, the consumer has acquired various elements, which establish resources of great influence in the market.

Mom Fight
stopped short a series of criticisms on social networks, which accused Aurrera Winery to alter prices of their products, to offer false discounts.

The store’s Twitter account, which usually personifies Mama Lucha, Bodega Aurrerá’s mascot, replied to Sharon Duarte on her Twitter account, when the consumer warned that in the laundry detergent aisle, a liquid Persil had a ticket price of 145 pesos to 128 pesos. This last price also appeared printed on an adhesive label, which is placed on the shelf where the products are displayed, which creates the false impression that these are original prices.

“Hello sharon! We tell you that the yellow label is correct, these are always changed to show the new prices and these must match the white label. Greetings!”, explained the CM of Bodega Aurrerá.

The response completely settled a series of criticisms that had been made of the prices shown by the store on the label and on the ticket, traditionally used to show the comparison of prices and reveal the great discount that much of its inventory has and that the day of today it has become a key process for the brand.

brand activism

Generating a consumer culture has established a very interesting guideline for brands, leading many of them to activism in favor of the experience they provide at the point of sale or developing products.

– Prices have been for years, one of the fundamental promotion strategies in a store, to mobilize its product inventory –

There is a very powerful approach in this activity of brands reaching the interest of the consumer through their prices and a transcendental resource is established in it: the ability to understand what is relevant in the market.. We report a very valuable case to understand with Arizona Tea, which even became a case of design by saying goodbye to its old can image, where it had a price of 99 cents on the dollar. and showed a price higher than the dollar at the time.

The change is a great case of a price-based promotion strategy, but now it is impacting product design, thereby establishing a unique communication activity.

Labeling products is essential in the ability of brands to perform better with the consumer. Undoubtedly, tasks that we cannot omit are patented and without accepting that they have become crucial in the way in which brands are involved in the market, especially when interaction activities are defined that remind us of a very valuable point to bet on the culture of consumption.

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