Luisana Lopilato’s double went through Welcome aboard, but they thought it was Carina Zampini

The double of Luisana Lopilato passed through the door of the “Similar” from Welcome aboard, but had to accept being confused with Carina Zampini, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands and Nicole Kidman.

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In the search for a trip to Europe for two people, the participant underwent the evaluation of the jury who discovered the famous person she was representing.

Upon arrival at the studio, the young woman was received by Laurita Fernández. Her first words were to admit that she had entered the competition to participate in the trip to Europe. “I signed up alone, I had insomnia, I couldn’t sleep, I started looking at my cell phone like I do every night and I signed up without thinking“, said.

In the debate created by the juries of the program, The participant was compared to Máxima Zorreguieta in her youth, Nicole Kidman and Carina Zampini. Then, Hernán Drago found the correct answer: Luisana Lopilato.

Welcome aboard.  Photo: eltrece

Welcome aboard. Photo: eltrece

Luisana Lopilato is expecting her fourth child

The actress’s brother, Darío Lopilato, was in charge of revealing this information by mistake. In addition, he commented that she is a girl.

So far there is no further information about the baby that is on the way. However, the actress and her husband, Michael Bublé, told it when the pregnancy was quite advanced, at the time of releasing a video clip of the singer where her whole family is.

Meanwhile, Lopilato made a comment that could wrap a hint about the name of his future daughter. “enjoying Rome“Luisana Lopilato wrote in an image in which she can be seen sitting on the Fontana di Trevi. Although the actress is in the Italian city, this comment could also refer to the little girl she carries in her womb.

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