Loulogio: Isaac Sánchez’s drawing, from the batamanta to Baños Pleamar

The batamanta or the pajilleitor are two of the videos that come to mind when we talk about Loulogio. Especially to those of us who lived through the early years of YouTube. Of course, also the funny criticisms of movies like ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘, among many.

In the Face to F4C3 from today —not to be confused with the movie ‘Face to Face’, by Nicolas Cage and John Travolta— we were able to speak with isaac sanchez, illustrator and cartoonist, author of graphic novels such as ‘Baños Pleamar’. Isaac, also known as Loulogio, of course.

Although he decided to dedicate himself body and soul to his great passion, Lou did not lower the awning of the internet all the way down. His Twitch channel is used to entertain yourself while you work or to escape and have fun chatting with your community.

On the channel, from time to time, he recovers film criticism and, of course, video games. Mythical are the moments that he gave us, together with Outconsumer, with Dark Souls. Two names closely related to Badalona.

The ‘Souls’ subgenre, as this type of game has been defined, is the one chosen as favorite by Lou. And if we stop to think about legendary duos of all Hispanic YouTube, we cannot remember another one that the one formed by Loulogio and Outconsumer.

Both have given us epic moments on the platform, performances across the country and even television shows ahead of their time. Among them they do not skimp on praise and are considered great friends. We make you a spoiler: there is a Roc moment in the interview.

We do not want to advance much more. In the header of this same news you can see the complete Face to F4C3 of Loulogio. You can also do it on YouTube or on the VOD of our Twitch channel.

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