Live, El Pirata Y Su Banda: Let’s talk about Tom Hanks – El Pirata y su banda

Like every morning from Monday to Friday, The Pirate and His Gang They emerge in the hardest hours of the morning to bring you rock and fun early and help you face the day with energy and the most powerful music. On this day Pirate, Raquel and Sayago they will comment on things as disparate and wacky as an incredibly seedy Dublin deli. sure they sell calimotxo 95 vintage.

Also we’ll talk about tom hanks, who plays Elvis’s manager in a movie; The guy is very talented, but he will appreciate that this time his interlocutor is not a ball. He will also return clickbaiting of history talking about the Pirate’s birthday, that is indeed ancient history. Of course, we will have classic sections of the program such as pocket philosophy or questions from the evil Pili, our virtual assistant.

The Pirate and His Band await you every morning, from 6 a.m. to 10 Rock FM to fulfill its maxim: Rock and Fun. And who is with the Pirate? Well, every day they accompany you:

Jose Sayago: Unlike other fake professional couples, Sayago has been a real friend of El Pirata for more than 25 years, something that translates into enormous complicity on the air. In the words of the Pirate himself “he will never starve as he is good for everything”. In fact, he is the one who, in addition to co-present the show, guess the model of the cars just by listening to the sound of their horns when he transforms into “El loco del Claxon” or gives valuable advice for life with his “Pocket Philosophy”.

Lucia Field: fundamental piece of the Band. He is always aware of the last minute. Analyze and discover the funniest news on the radio scene to tell them truthfully, efficiently and freshly. Owner of a contagious laugh, she always has something ingenious to put the “beasts” El Pirata and Sayago at bay.

Alex Clavero “The sniperrock”: renowned screenwriter, monologist and sometimes actor. He has the ability to see “beyond” things and then condense it into two or three minutes of absolute magic. Any person, news, custom, animal or thing that comes within range can be preyed upon by its target. caretaker.

Rachel Piqueras: producer and right hand of the Pirate. She has a knack for spotting where the next viral or meme everyone is going to be talking about is coming from. rocker from birth, he is always aware of the Rock news; networks have no secrets for Raquel and the term “multitasking” was invented by her.

Javier Burguer: executive producer and left hand of the Pirate. You will always see him with papers, dumbbells or with a whip. You never know. nicknamed ‘the muscular‘ by El Pirata, is in charge of bringing order to this madness. He is also the personal assistant of the Pirate in technological and computer matters. If he doesn’t raise his hand, nobody steps on the show.

Pablo “Delgadito” Vargas: sound technician. He is in command of the ship. He is responsible for every morning everything sounds good. His coordination and understanding with El Pirata reaches infinity and beyond.

Pablo Diaz-Torres and Fernando Villena: They are Andalusian scriptwriters. One millennial, the other vegetarian. Paul is funny. Ferdinand was. Their mission is to help make the Band even funnier and convince the Pirate to stop sending memes via SMS.

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