Kim Kardashian was criticized for scolding her children in the middle of an interview

The businesswoman has shown that she is quite in love with her current boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson, however, she has also made it clear that she does not intend that the relationship between her four children with her ex-husband and father of them, Kanye West is deteriorated or replaced by the comedian.

The truth is that, although the creator of ‘Skims’ has stressed that she has no desire to return to the rapper, especially because of her new relationship, she has focused on her children maintaining a good relationship with their father.

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So much so that the businesswoman took approximately six months to introduce her children to Pate. However, recently the socialite explained for an interview on the “Today” program that from the beginning she sought a way to make that presentation in a respectful way for her little ones and that they did not think that Davidson would become the singer’s replacement. Thanks to this, it is that her children: North, Chicago, Saint and Psalm have had a good rapprochement with the comedian.

Although Kim has always talked about the good things about her children, she recently revealed one of the things that she dislikes most about them and that is that they do not let her work properly.

It all happened while the businesswoman was promoting her new skin care line on the Jimmy Fallon show, where she also confessed that before presenting her monologue on ‘Saturday Night Live’, he had never seen the program, which caused several laughs in the presenter and in the public.

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Kim Kardashian scolded her children, who did not stop talking on SNL

However, in the middle of their conversation, her children interrupted her and caused her mother to get a little angry. It happened when they were in the middle of the interview when Jimmy Fallon said: “I hear a boy”, to which Kim turned around and looking at her children said: “Guys, can you stop? This is your first time on the job with me, don’t mess it up, can you be quiet please? She told her two little ones of hers, Psalm and Saint, who accompanied her.

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Of course, the call was made with a very serious tone, revealing his anger at the situation. However, the situation ceased to be awkward when the public began to let out a few laughs too many. However, beyond the laughs, Many of her fans also expressed their dissatisfaction with the reaction of the businesswoman who, in her opinion, did not act properly before her little ones.

Fortunately, his two daughters escaped the scolding, 9-year-old North and 4-year-old Chicago, who did not attend the show, but were present at a moment where Jimmy relives a moment in which North sings ‘No one talks about Bruno’, moment in which Kim confesses that she is tired of the song because her firstborn sings it every so often and even knows it in 8 languages.

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