Kim Kardashian goes viral for her uncomfortable furniture

When Kylie Jenner showed off the offices from which she runs her cosmetic empire, applications to get a job at the company – whatever it was – multiplied because apparently everyone wanted to work in that zen space decorated in shades of white with pink accents.

her older sister kim kardashian He has wanted to show now that the youngest of the family is not the only one who has created a small paradise from which to watch over his many businesses. Kanye West’s ex recently shared a video from the headquarters of her new skincare brand, SKKN, which has gone viral because of the chair that presides over her desk: a backless piece of wood by Michele Lamy and looking uncomfortable to sit on for more than five minutes.

In the case of Kylie, functionality is not at odds with design in her workspace, and she even has a game room for her children, but Kim does seem to have made concessions in the decoration process that was carried out by Tommy. Clements and Waldo Fernandez, so that aesthetics prevail over comfort.

This is not the first time that the television star has left his followers speechless by showing one of the rooms that he uses the most in his day to day. When she opened the doors of her mansion to Architectural Digest magazine, before her split from Kanye, she had to explain that the sinks in her bathroom worked perfectly even though they didn’t have a traditional drainage system or a sink to collect. water, and they didn’t need lamps either because the entire ceiling was a light panel.

It also showed a room in which there was only a kind of giant white stuffed animal in the shape of a squid, which was actually a sculpture by Isabel Rower.


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