Kim Kardashian debuts a lob haircut for summer 2022

kim kardashian has kicked off summer with a beauty statement: the wolf will be one of the haircuts more orders this season. How do we know? Just look at the pictures of the skims businesswoman to understand the flattering effect of this style.

Kim Kardashian wears a trendy lob haircut for Summer 2022

television personality, kim kardashianwalked around the Big Apple wearing Balenciaga leggings that can only be defined as extravagant. The perfect complement for a styling of this nature is found in its manewhich has a certain futuristic touch thanks to the platinum tint that it has been wearing for several weeks.

Kim Kardashian wore a lob cut in New York.

Gotham/Getty Images.

For a few moments, Kardashian said goodbye to the extra long hair that distinguishes her and revealed the lob haircut that she wears when her extensions are not accompanied (that same night, she was seen again with her XL hair). Although it was a fortuitous change of look, she undoubtedly shows all the benefits that she has in this style.

the wolf It is that haircut that is neither too short nor too long, it is right in the middle for those who do not want to cut too many centimeters from their hair. hair. Thanks to its medium length, it stylizes the face immediately, especially when worn with completely straight hairstyles like that of the celebrity.

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