Kendall Jenner Brings Back This 2000s Basic

Judging by the way they dress today celebrities like Rihanna or Dua Lipa, we could well be in 2002, and not in 2022. Y2K style is on the rise, thanks to all the stars rocking edgy two-mile outfits (from micro skirts to low-rise jeans). accessories vintage –such as trucker hats or Ugg boots– are also a trend and the model Kendall Jenner never far behind. Today, on Instagram, she has tried to wear screen sunglasses, the most cutting-edge of the time.

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If you are a fan of The Simple Lifeyou will remember that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie They wore these huge glasses throughout the series, with the lenses tinted blue or pink. I also fondly remember the Dior sunglasses ads from fall 2006, in which Kate Moss wore an especially large pair. Jenner has made these retro airs hers with a model of glasses in a light blue tone, but she has modernized the rest of the look. She opted for a printed minidress from the new Maisie Willencombined with a small shoulder bag and mules PVC. And while the styling could be straight out of a 2000s wardrobe, in its own way it manages to still look totally current.

Karen Wazen ‘Amira’ sunglasses

Bvlgari blue screen glasses

Dior ‘DiorClub M1U’ logo sunglasses

Saint Laurent ‘SL 364’ Sunglasses

Isabel Marant ‘Naya’ aviator sunglasses

Dior ‘DiorClub M1U’ sunglasses

Turns out Jenner isn’t the only one who has given in to screen glasses. His sister kim kardashian has not been separated lately from some fly style Balenciaga and Lipa dared in March to wear a giant model in bright orange. Could it be that the Sunglasses oversized and super structured Have microglasses been officially taken from the throne? If so, we are not surprised. Just add a powerful frame to spice up any look.

Vetements x Oakley mirrored sunglasses

Versace ‘Medusa Halo’ sunglasses

Sunglasses inspired by the ‘Greca’ model, by Versace

Oversized sunglasses by Bvlgari

Guess geometric sunglasses

Charles & Keith Blue ‘Butterfly’ Sunglasses

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