Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker would have ended their romance

Although the Kardashian sisters have no problem sharing the most intimate details of their lives with the cameras through their reality show and social networks, Kendall Jenner has always been the most discreet among them. For years, her sentimental status remained unknown, relating her to characters like Harry Styles and Justin Bieber. It was not until recently that Kendall herself confirmed her romance with basketball player Devin Booker through an Instagram post. If she followed in the footsteps of her older sisters with an athlete, the reality is that this relationship has always kept her out of the public eye and everything seemed to be going well, even with Devin’s presence at Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding in Italy. Some weeks ago. But on the way back from this trip, rumors began that pointed to a distancing, but it has not been until now when it seems that it has been confirmed that the courtship has been terminated.



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Speculation of a romance between the couple began in 2020, and little by little more was known about him. Things seemed so serious that it was thought that Kendall would arrive at the altar and when he declared on the reality show that maybe the time had come to start a family, everything pointed to things with Devin going well. But it is precisely future decisions that have been considered the reason behind the alleged breakup, and that is that Entertainment Tonight reports ensure that the lovers are not at the same time in their lives.

For a few weeks, several sources pointed out in Deux Moi that the couple was distancing themselves and it was even pointed out that they had finished, something that the American media has taken for granted these days. The last time they were seen publicly was last month, but this does not say much about the couple, since it is not common for them to be seen together.


Despite the fact that they always opted for discretion, it was not uncommon to see Kendall in her boyfriend’s games, as well as over the last two years, they gave some brief glimpses of their relationship on social networks. During his visit to the Jimmy Kimmel show, Kendall said that he did not miss any of Devin’s team meetings: “Of course, I watch every one of his games, unless I have – last night I had a dinner, but all my friends and family know that, I like to sit with my phone wherever I am… I’ve always been a basketball fan since, basically with Khloé, I remember we used to go to Lakers games when I was really young, so I’ve been NBA fan for a long time.”

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What do social networks say?

At a time when these platforms say a lot about people’s lives, Kendall and Devi–n continue to follow each other through their Instagram profiles, something that can keep you in the dark if you think about what happened at the time with Tristan Thompson and the rest of the Kardashian girls. On the other hand, the couple did not often share photos or stories together, so it could be a long time before they figure out what has happened with their relationship.


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