Keanu Reeves refused to insult Winona Ryder for ‘Dracula’ scene

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almost ago 30 years that the tape was released ‘Dracula’ and some untold anecdotes that were experienced on the recording set are still coming to light. The most recent was Winona Ryderwho played Harker Mine in the film directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

During an interview with the media ‘The Sunday Times’the actress revealed that she experienced an unpleasant situation during the recording of ‘Dracula’since according to what he said, for one of the scenes Coppola began to insult her and ordered the other actors to do the same so that Winona managed to cry

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Nevertheless, Keanu Reeves He flatly refused to be part of the humiliation they were doing to the actress, who was 19 years old at the time and at her young age was already considered one of the most famous artists in Hollywood.

“To put it in context, she was supposed to be crying. Francis (Ford Coppla) was literally trying to get everyone to yell things that would make me cry, but Keanu didn’t. It just didn’t work. I was like, ‘really?’ somehow did the opposite“, said Ryder.

The generous gesture of Reeves He has joined the different stories that qualify him as one of the most polite and respectful actors in the industry, in addition, according to his colleagues, the actor is always willing to help his colleagues in whatever way he can.

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