Katy Perry argued with a waitress for treating her like a ‘normal person’ | Viral

In the end, the singer reconsidered and gave him a large tip for his treatment


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When you are a world-renowned star, they hardly treat you like any mortal when you go to a public place and surely normalize the preferences that are usually granted to you. This happened to Katy Perry, who argued with a waitress because she treated her like a “normal person”.

According to information reported by the New York Post, an Australian worker was shocked after Katy Perry was denied entry to a cafe in Port Douglas last Saturday.

The singer is in the oceanic country because Orlando Bloom, her husband of 45 years, is filming a new movie called Wizards.

During her stay in Australia, Katy Perry decided to go for a walk with her baby, Dove, but found that she was not given the table as soon as she wanted. This was told by Indianna Paull, a waitress who published the story through her TikTok account.

“When are you the first stupid and unconscious to tell Katy Perry that she has to wait for a table,” he wrote in the description of the video he posted.

In the clip, he explained that he did not recognize Katy Perry, as the artist was wearing sunglasses and a hat. However, he reported that she argued with her because he did not have a table for the singer.

After the singer waited like a “normal person” and finished her breakfast, she left the waitress a big tip to thank her for treating her like “a normal person.”

This was told by the tiktoker, who after a few hours deleted her video.

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