Kate Winslet, the most beautiful imperfection

I like Kate Winslet. So, no more. This column could end here since everything has already been said, although I am going to explain a few things so that this resounding statement that could be gratuitous or capricious is understood.

There is no character that this actress has embodied that is not unforgettable. The young woman who survived the sinking of the Titanic (“Titanic”, 1197); the woman who listened to stories read by a young man after making love to him and after committing atrocities in a Nazi death camp (“The Reader”, 2008); the dressmaker who turned a town in deep Australia upside down (“The power of fashion”, 2015); or that girl whose memory they try to erase forever (“Forget about me!”, 2004); They are already part of the history of cinema, of good cinema.

The British school of interpretation has its paradigm in Mrs. Winslet. perfect diction; not a gesture of more or badly placed; body expression that borders on the most exquisite perfection; and a gigantic love for what is done; make Kate Winslet an example to follow.

But I don’t just like Mrs. Winslet for these very technical details. She above all she is a sensual, attractive and intelligent woman. With all its flaws in sight, without hiding an iota. She is a woman who does not hesitate to return photographic evidence if they retouch her image. Kate Winslet’s wrinkles are hers and she shows them shamelessly. If she has any weaknesses she shows them openly. Mrs. Winslet is what you see. No more no less.

I believe that this woman could be that mirror in which thousands of women who are ashamed of how they are to give in to a canon of beauty imposed by four crazy people who believe that you have to become a dry stick to be attractive; thousands of women who have learned the wrong lesson which is to add likes in a leaked photograph that shows a daydream instead of a person: thousands of women condemned to want to lose half a kilo regardless of their weight. In Kate Winslet, beauty in its natural state and without invented contours, becomes a radiance.

I like Kate Winslet. How she acts herself, how she is able to read a Shakespeare sonnet, how she looks at the camera unapologetically and how the camera falls in love with her over and over again. I like her imperfect curves and those crow’s feet that make her feel alive. Although, above all, I like the example he gives.

A recommendation. Watch the HBO series “More of Easttown.” She stars in it. A very classic and dramatic police plot is mixed with humor as black as it is captivating. She will enjoy. And it’s possible they’ll join a Kate Winslet fan club. Or that they set up their own like the one I belong to; that is, unipersonal and exclusive.

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