Kate Winslet Has Doubts About Season 2

‘Mare of Easttown’ is one of the series of the year and its protagonist, Kate Winslet, has not stopped receiving praise for her role as Mare Sheehan. However, it seems that HBO will have to fight to convince her that a second season would be best, at least for fans of the series and her character.

This humanized detective story was always conceived as a limited series, with a beginning and an end. But of course, he has had 16 Emmy nominations and that means that the temptation to stretch the gum is very great.

According to Digital Spy, both HBO and Winslet have confirmed that they have had talks about a possible continuation of the series, but without reaching any conclusion. The point is that it is on the table. However, Kate Winslet’s last words on it, left on The Awardist podcast, make it quite clear that she is quite reluctant to continue.

At the end of the shoot, we thought, ‘My God, we can never do this again, so if HBO brings up the idea of ​​a season 2, we all have to say no, absolutely not, there’s just no way to do it. ‘. He was talked about, ‘Let’s see, could it happen?’ when the series was getting such a good reception. And, creatively, Brad has shared some great ideas. We’ll see what happens. But I also have to find out if I can do it. Could I go through this again? It took me a long time emotionally to be her, and I just have to figure out if I can call all of that back into myself.

The first and perhaps only season of ‘Mare of Easttown’ is available on HBO Spain.

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