Juventus, Neymar proposes himself? The reasons for declining the offer

The transfer market would undoubtedly be less exciting without the news that talks about impossible negotiations, of players approaching teams who cannot objectively afford their engagement. They serve above all to make the fans dream, I think.

The last one ‘bomb’ – so they are called in jargon – speaks of the possible landing of Neymar Jr in Serie A. In fact, according to what the Catalan newspaper reports Sportthe Brazilian would have proposed to the Juventuswhich reflects on the actual possibilities of putting him under contract.

There is even talk of an explicit request for Massimiliano Allegriwhich would have asked the company personally to buy the exterior that has now become a luxury surplus to the Paris Saint-Germain. To confirm this last hypothesis, Nasser Al-Khelaifi thought about it in person who, in the interview released for The Gazzetta dello Sportexpressed some dissatisfaction with some players of the squad who “they would have taken advantage of it” and from which “expects much more”. Obviously the sheikh does not mention names, but stating that “there will be several sales” in fact, it leaves a glimmer of hope open in the hearts of Juventus fans.


Neymar Jr / Tim Clayton – Corbis / GettyImages

The departure of the Brazilian is not to be excluded, in fact he could be the sacrificed to allow the Parisians to hold back. Kylian Mbappé. However, his landing in Turin appears rather unlikely.

First of all, keep in mind that Neymar perceives 48 million euros per year – a figure that goes well beyond the availability of Juventus (and any other Italian club). Given the precedents, the former Barcelona does not seem the kind of footballer willing to halve his salary (which would be prohibitive too) in order to wear a new shirt. I will not be a luminary of the economy, but on balance a hypothetical purchase of him would be a financial suicide for the Juventus club.

Federico Cherubini, Pavel Nedved, Maurizio Arrivabene

The Juventus management / Nicolò Campo / GettyImages

Sure, his tag would “pay for itself” with T-shirt sales as it happened with Cristiano Ronaldo. But just like CR7 keeping such a top player is in fact a boulder on a club’s balance sheets, especially if you don’t go far in the Champions League.

On a technical and tactical level, nothing can be said: someone like Neymar would suit everyone and would allow us to raise the bar a lot. However, on a purely strategic level, if Juventus decided – absurdly – to bring him under the Mole, it would a contradictory action compared to the policy adopted in the last period, which sees the purchase of young players (even paying them substantially) to be able to then gradually increase and increase the level of the squad.

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