Justin Bieber: “Pray for me: I have a paralysis of the face, I can’t sing”

“I have a paralysis of the face, I can’t sing.” Justin Bieber tells in a video what is happening to him. A few days ago he announced that he had to cancel some dates of his Justice World Tour. It was clear that the motivation was related to her health. He now tells him the details and asks to be remembered in the prayers of fans of him. He suffers from the Ramsay Hunt syndrome, not Lyme disease as assumed at first.

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“As you can see from my face, I have Ramsay Hunt syndrome linked to a virus that attacks the nerve in my ear and my facial nerves causing paralysis of the face, “he says. “The situation is serious. Obviously I am unable to perform. My body tells me that I have to stop and then go back to 100%. I’m doing facial exercises to improve, ”she explains in the video.

From the images he understands that he cannot move part of the face. The right side is almost immobilized, the eyelid does not close. Bieber said she also had a hard time eating during this time and couldn’t smile.


This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a neurological disease resulting from the often severe consequences of virus infection Shingles affecting approximately 20,000 people each year. The virus paralyzes the nerves in the face and blisters on the outer and inner ear, near the nose and mouth. In rare cases, the consequences, including hearing loss, are permanent.

This problem is just the latest for Justin Bieber and his wife. For the pop star, the last few months have been very hard especially for the situation of his wife Hailey, who in March was hospitalized for a stroke, a small blood clot in the brain.

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