Johnny Depp’s daughter draws attention in a golf cart

Lily Rose, the beautiful eldest daughter of Johnny Depp, in addition to being a model for different international magazine covers, also shows off her beauty in simple cars behind the wheel that drive social networks crazy. We show you the incredible image that captured everyone’s attention…

The name of Johnny Depp does not stop ringing in the different headlines of the world after the trial that he starred in with Amber Heard for defamation, a scenario from which he emerged victorious with the apparent rumor of a possible appeal by his ex-partner, which still keeps his fans in suspense.

Beyond the controversial situation of his personal life, the professional aspect is not lost sight of, because now as the image of the Dior Sauvage fragrance and after the final ruling, he increased his fame and even sales in the product of which he is the main figure, with the addition of adding thousands of followers to his instagram account.

On the other hand, it should be noted that after the results, the actor apparently, according to several media reports, decided to celebrate in his own style, moment that he surely took advantage of to travel in any of his different luxury cars, since he has a millionaire garage that he would have no problem recreating to his liking every day of the week.

It should be noted that during the storm that did not seem to end, her eldest daughter Lily Rosethe result of its union with vanessa paradissupported him from the beginning which for many of his fans was very important, in addition to never forgetting the different things that father and daughter share in common such as, his great interest towards spacious and sporty cars.

As a professional model, the eldest daughter of the actor appears in a publication posing behind the wheel of a golf cart, The most practical transport for four people, from functionality to electric fuel in power 5.5HP/4kw, speed control system of up to 40km/h and impeccable performance for the golf coursebut in this case, it was used in a session that left everyone sighing and grabbing attention.

+ Look at the beautiful Lily Rose, daughter of Johnny Depp, posing in the golf cart:

Lily Rose, daughter of Johnny Depp, posing in the golf cart

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