Johnny Depp: peg leg

Every time he comes out of a wrong unscathed, the protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean film saga inevitably utters the same phrase: “You will always remember this day as the day you almost captured Jack Sparrow.” And he has enunciated it again, in this case the actor who plays him, Johnny Depp, after winning the case for the crossed accusations of defamation between him and his ex-wife Amber Heard. In reality, no one has emerged victorious. It has been an ugly, muddy and unpleasant trial, mediatized to the point of madness, a show with the courtroom turned into a set, a circus that has only underlined the incompatibility between justice and the reality show. Here we had a similar case, less chocarrero but more traditional, with Antonio David and Rocío Carrasco, the civil guard and the daughter of the folklore.

Johnny Depp or Jack Sparrow, who cares. The interpreter has ended up becoming his own character, that pirate with dreadlocks, braided goatee, speech and staggering walk from excess rum, an irresponsible scoundrel who takes advantage of women surrendered at the feet of his charm. A buccaneer who looks like his satanic majesty Keith Richards, but with a saber instead of a guitar. He only lacks the wooden leg. His transcript has been believed so much that the actor concluded his official statement issued after the trial with the Latin expression veritas numquam perit (the truth never dies), as if he were sealing the parchment with the treasure map.

He was about to be eaten by the Kraken of his excesses, after Amber Heard described herself, without naming him, as a “public figure who represents domestic violence”, in an opinion piece published in The Washington Post in 2018. But Depp has saved his neck again: the sentence forces Heard to pay him ten million dollars as compensation and another five as punishment; the actor, in turn, must pay his ex-wife a compensatory fine of two million. The father mess.

Justice spoke and there is nothing to object to, but the most terrible thing about the case is the harassment to which the actress has been subjected. Were the tears real from her? The MeToo movement, the struggle of women to bury sexual violence, has been able to commit its excesses, but the fermented resentment is bursting the networks. I hate shoveling.

It is easy to imagine percale. Sex, alcohol, drugs, a lot of money, mutual jealousy, a higher word, a push, a frying pan that flies through the air, a turbulent and toxic relationship that, fortunately, did not last long, just a year: the actors were only married between 2015 and 2016. It is curious that both met during the filming in 2010 of The Rum Diaries, a film based on the homonymous novel by Hunter S. Thompson, an icon of gonzo journalism, the same one who wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and who took his own life in 2005 from a gunshot to the head. One of the actor’s idols, along with Richards, the Stones guitarist, and Iggy Pop. Although these two got off drugs years ago, the protagonist of these lines, who turns 59 this Thursday, continues downhill, playing still Peter Pan.

A poor boy, born in Kentucky, the son of a waitress, with a wandering childhood of more than twenty homes before he was 7 years old, Depp was originally a specimen of what Americans contemptuously call white trash (white trash) and not he knew how to manage the stroke of luck, the fame, the undeniable attractiveness that he had in his beginnings. He became the representative of a new masculinity in the 90s, with a feminine touch, a grunge type capable of expressing tenderness. Nobody liked the streak of black kohl in the eyes like he did. He had relationships with beautiful and intense women, such as actress Winona Ryder, model Kate Moss and singer Vanessa Paradis, who gave him two children and the longest period of stability in his life. But Depp/Sparrow preferred to become a caricature of himself. Private jets, 30,000 euros a month in wine, cocaine breakfasts and wild parties: when he was dating Kate Moss he destroyed a hotel suite in Manhattan.

After his (relative) victory in the trial, sales of Christian Dior’s Savage perfume skyrocket, which the actor advertises playing the guitar in the desert, in the company of wolves. Significant and worrying the commercial phenomenon at a time of regression in the freedoms of women.

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