Johnny Depp and his Hollywood Vampires announce European tour

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram

Johnny Depp is celebrating. Although with nuances, the actor emerged victorious from the defamation trial that confronted his ex-wife before the eyes of the world. Although public opinion had already won it, the attitude of the networks in his favor in the trial was so violent that, although it does not ensure a quiet return to big productions, it does make it clear that he has a huge number of violent fans. and furious backing him. Who hires Johnny Depp will have enormous support in networks, who fires him, years of criticism, boycotts and threats. Who hires Amber Heard or doesn’t fire her, same thing.

With that muscle behind us, it is no wonder that Johnny Depp celebrated his victory with a €58,000 dinner at an Indian restaurant. Neither, between the fact that the phone of his agents in Hollywood rings again, that he has joined Jeff Beck and his musical tour. While we and probably he still doubt that projects like Pirates of the Caribbean or Fantastic Beasts will knock on his door again after the testimonies of violence, addictions and alcoholism that were televised during the trial, music has come to the rescue. And it is that, unlike the cinema, the image of an alcoholic, drugged and unstable man has always never spoiled the image of a rock star, quite the contrary. If we add to this that, supposedly, he has left all this behind and of that life he only has the experience of the scars of excess… Well, look how Keith Richards and the Rolling Stones continue to play.

The actor, beyond this temporary alliance with Jeff Beck, has decided, according to Variety, to get back on track with his group. The Hollywood Vampires are back, a group made up of Joe Perry, Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen and Depp himself. According to official statements, the group was waiting for the pandemic to relax to play outside the United States again. However, to square agendas and to ensure even more that the pandemic is behind us, the dates announced are for the summer of 2023.

Although for now it is a series of bowling exclusively in Germany, it is not ruled out that in the remaining 12 months they will join more in other cities and countries. Let us remember that the group officially debuted in 2015 with the aim of paying tribute to the great rock legends who died in the 70s, Alice Cooper is the voice, harmonica and guitar; Perry is guitar and voice; Henriksen, guitar, keyboards and backing vocals; and Johnny Depp, guitar, backing vocals and keyboards. They have released two albums, the first under the name of the group in 2015 and the second in 2019 titled rise. However, they have not been able to tour extensively until now, mainly due to Depp’s commitments.

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