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“The last time we performed together was in a big stadium like this… He’s my favorite duet partner of all time,” the singer-actress commented on stage.

Immediately many Internet users wondered if Jennifer Lopez’s daughter was gay, but in reality “The Bronx Diva” did not refer to the sexual orientation of the 14-year-old teenager, but to the expression of her gender as non-binary, it is That is, it does not identify with the masculine or feminine gender.

Before the official presentation of Emme as a non-binary person, some Internet users remembered Seraphina Affleck, Ben’s daughter, with whom JLo’s daughter has forged a good friendship since her parents began dating in the summer of 2021.

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Emme and Seraphina, children of JLo and Ben Affleck who defy gender roles

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship is not the only one in the spotlight, their offspring Emme and Seraphina have drawn the attention of many for challenging gender roles and being faithful to an androgynous style.

It should be remembered that Seraphine is the second daughter of the marriage between Ben and Jennifer Garner; she was born on January 6, 2009 in Los Angeles and is currently 13 years old (one year younger than Emme).

As of the summer of 2021, he said goodbye to long hair and began to use a pixie cut, which gave him a more androgynous appearance because his ‘looks’ are made up of ‘oversize’ garments that do not show any inclination to a specific gender. .

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck show their unconditional support for their children

Although neither Jennifer Garner nor Ben Affleck have spoken so openly about their daughter’s sexual identity, the actor did confess to ‘In Touch’ (2019) that Seraphina has a better relationship with her younger brother, Samuel compared to how she gets along with her older sister Violet.

In addition, the paparazzi photos are proof that the old marriage allows their daughter to dress as she wishes and does not force her to wear traditionally feminine clothes.

For its part, ‘The Bronx diva’ had not clarified any rumors about her daughter’s sexual identity until now in 2022, since her non-binary style had been commented on in networks for years.

Of course, in the past he had given clues about his unconditional support for Emme; an example of this occurred during the program ‘Live with Kelly an Ryan’ (2021).

In the interview, he mentioned that his children already had their own ideas about the world, so he was working hard to teach them why “loving themselves” as they are was very important:

“[Emme y Max] they are incredible. They are like little adults and have their own lives. They have their own ideas about the world and love to show off the things they know.”

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