Jaime Ordiales puts his commitment to win the title with Cruz Azul in fifth place

In a dynamic with Futbol Picante, Jaime Ordiales placed the title with Cruz Azul as the fifth commitment

MEXICO — Jaime Ordialessports director of Blue Crossput the team title for the Opening 2022 as the last of five commitments. In a dynamic ESPN Spicy Soccerpointed out other key points above the championship.

“Title. Anyone in this institution and anyone aspiring to work in Blue Crossis what we always aspire to”, said Ordiales at the end of the dynamic in which he put the champion trophy as part of his five goals for this new tournament that will start on July 1.

And it is that first he started with “Teamwork”, a situation that was strange for the Picante Soccer table, who questioned him about not putting the championship in the first place.

In his second commitment, he said to better develop the team’s Basic Forces and give the team a greater structure.

“Basic Forces, resume Basic Forces, but I go in order of how we have to work. It’s the job. what we did is that Raul Gutierrez He is our U-20 coach. We are trying to rethink, a methodology coordinator. Put everything that is said and then not done, “he said.

In the background he put “Congruence”, and he said that the most important thing is that what they say they do and he exemplified the situation with Santiago Gimenezwho is the future in the front of the light blue team.

“We have to complement for the next two, we want a competitive team, we are going to bring a complement for ‘Chaquito’. In the Mexican market it is very expensive and very difficult to find a Mexican striker. Maybe the people from Chivas are upset, but we would have loved to have Alexis Vega. This is how Diego (‘Chaquito’ headline) has externalized me”.

In fourth place, he put “Protagonistism”. Jaime Ordiales added that “We owe ourselves to a hobby, it is a show and we have to be a competitive team and that leads us to a championship”, concluded the leader of Blue Cross.

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