Interview with Gloria Bennati, in distribution with the new single “Rita”

From Friday 17 June on the radio and on all platforms is available Ritathe new single from Gloria Bennati. Born in Florence in 1990, since she was a child she has cultivated a passion for music and singing by following the courses of Luca Juman and since 2011 collaborates with the Maestro Fio Zanotti who says of her: “Gloria is an extraordinary girl and I think she has become an artist who can have her say in the music scene. You have originality and a desire to renew yourself, two factors that are fundamental for me ».

In 2014 he released the single Vortice feat. Marracash and in 2016 he graduated from the Academy of Theater and Film Acting in Milan.

We from Mydreams we had the pleasure of interviewing her.

Can you describe who Gloria Bennati is and how she approached music?

“I think I’m a simple person, careless, emotional and with big dreams. My passion for music was born with me and the first memory I have are the long car journeys with my parents who sang the songs of Mina and Celentano. Singing with them, my mother heard my voice and took me to singing lessons. ‘

What are your reference singers?

«The Italian artists that I admire a lot are: Elisa, Zucchero, Marco Mengoni, Cesare Cremonini, Ultimo. Among foreigners I prefer: Bon Iver, the Rolling Stones, James Bay, Tom Odell, Miley Cyrus, Florence ans The Machine, The Luminees, Birdy, London Grammar. I prefer foreign music because I feel it closer musically ».

What do you like most in a song: the words or the melody?

“I think the melody is what makes you sing that song and has universal power. Words are those that strike the heart and therefore both things are important ».

Which artists would you like to collaborate with?

«My secret dream has always been to write and sing a house piece, then collaborate with an important deejay».

Have you ever thought about participating in a Talent Show?

“Yes, in the past I tried it just for fun. I say this because at the time I was not yet aware of the artistic path that I could have done to grow and learn ».

Can you tell us the genesis of the song Rita?

“One day I met an extraordinary woman named Rita. I wrote a story about her that I transformed into a song only after her ».

When is your first album?

“My first album will be released in 2023, preceded by the release of new singles.”

How will you spend the summer? Will you sing live and where?

«I will go to South Tyrol, I am a person who likes the mountains in the summer. I wrote several songs right there. The cool climate, the walks and the good food are perfect for listening to yourself. In the meantime, I’m organizing some evenings around to promote my new single Rita ».

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