In Walmart there is a cat locked up and they ask the brand to show rescue

  • Users find a cat trapped in the refrigerator of a Walmart and have demanded evidence of its rescue.

  • Walmart continues to be one of the most important retail chains worldwide and with a great presence in Mexico.

  • Merca2.0 has requested the position of the brand in order to know the two versions of the facts.

The alarms have gone off on social networks, as a cat was found trapped in a Walmart branch. The complaints have continued and the brand is expected to share a response to the event.

Walmart is recognized as one of the most important product sales chains worldwide. In fact, according to data from Statista, in 2021, the company generated global net sales of more than 555 billion US dollars.

Also, compared to the previous fiscal year, the figures have increased by 6.8 percent; In addition, the company operated more than 11,000 stores worldwide and this number is more than likely to increase as the company continues to expand into emerging markets. For this reason, Walmart It continues to be one of the main retail chains in Mexico and in the other countries where it is located.

They find a cat trapped in a Walmart fridge and ask the brand for evidence of the rescue

Yesterday, the photo of a cat trapped in the refrigerators of Walmart Express Narvarte set off the alarms. According to what is indicated, the kitten was reported last Monday night, after some users reported it to the relevant authorities.

The first report made was by a personal account where the fact was clarified. “Hello, this kitty has been in a Walmart Express Narvarte refrigerator since yesterday and they don’t do anything”commented the account.

And the second report was made by another user who even tagged the Government of Mexico City already prophet. This is what he mentioned:

“Last night they were reporting to me that a cat is stuck in the refrigerators of Walmart Express Narvarte, in CDMX, and that nobody does anything to help it. Please help me make this go viral.”

However, despite his efforts to appeal to other media outlets, he received no response. Although it should be noted that the Walmart’s CM Express did seek information about the situation by doing the following:

“Hello Eduardo, we are sorry for the experience you share with us. Please provide us with your information by direct message so that we can contact you shortly. We remain attentive to your information”.

However, the story does not end there. After having communicated with the user, according to what he showed, the company did not seek to follow up.

“Walmart did not want to follow up on a case of a cat trapped in a refrigerator at Walmart Express Narvarte… The cat can die and there is food that thousands of users consume, Profeco.”

Although finally, when questioned about the situation, the user pointed out that they did communicate with him. The company did not share any photos of the kitten, so they are still expected to show evidence of the rescue:

“Hello! A while ago they called me, that the kitten is safe. Although they did not share a photo with me. In the conscience of him they will load it if it is not so ”.

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