He tries to cancel his Rappi subscription and the brand’s “bribe” retains him

  • Giving a “gift” after a bad shopping experience can restore lost consumer confidence.

  • During the pandemic, the number of digital consumers grew considerably, as well as certain brands that operate in this sector.

  • 57 percent of consumers think that customer service is one of the strongest attributes when depositing their loyalty.

A Rappi customer sought to cancel their paid subscription after some bad experiences, but that was contained after an attractive “bribe” by the brand.

Technological evolution greatly benefited those companies that were dedicated to the world of buying and selling online services during the pandemicwhere although these alternatives were already present in the market, the decrease in social mobility as a result of Covid-19 led to the number of consumers growing, considerably increasing the income of certain brands around the world.

This same reality was seen considerably in Mexico, where the number of users and digital consumers have shown a trend in recent years, with important forecasts for this market in the future. According to the Statista Digital Market Outlook study where it shows the percentage of online shoppers over the total population in the countryduring 2017 these came to represent “only” 29.7 percent of consumers, a figure that was constantly climbing until it reached 44.2 percent during 2021 and is expected to reach 57.6 percent of the Mexican population by 2025.

Bearing this in mind, companies that operate digitally (such as those marketplaces, delivery apps and eCommerce pages) benefited considerably, in part due to all the marketing strategies that they implemented so that the population would dare to take this leap forward towards new consumption.

One of the strategies through which food delivery brands have managed to stand out and capture the loyalty of digital consumersit is through the offer of paid subscriptions that allows them to access discounts, “gifts”, promotions, and other elements that would improve their way of buying online compared to the free subscription.

Despite these efforts of the brands, their distributors and the service they provide can affect the image and experience with the companies, a fact that directly affects their level of loyalty, as happened on this occasion.

A user on social networks has shown his experience with Rappi Prime, where after some bad experiences with the brand, he sought to cancel his subscription; however, a “bribe” of a free month’s subscription made him change his mind.

The shopping experience that we offer to consumers is of vital importance to achieve their loyalty and, therefore, a constant income; however, a bad experience with our brand could completely change your outlook, a reality that brands face every day and can solve, if they commit to carrying out the appropriate strategies.

Information from the Zendesk Trends report shows that the 57 percent of consumers think that customer service is one of the main attributes when placing their trust in a branda fact for which we must ensure the integrity of a company in the mind of the consumer.

An example of brands that have found in these “bribes” a way to regain consumer confidence, we find it with Knorr when a consumer bought a soup with a “special ingredient” (insects) and the company chose to regain her trust and loyalty by sending some brand products, such as gifts and soups, a strategy that managed to prove effective. Similarly, we witnessed this type of strategy with Alpura, when a client bought a cream that came out lumpy and acidic due to some inconsistencies with her intermediaries; however, the brand offered him a couple of similar products, as well as milk and other items for free.

A “gift” after a bad shopping experience is capable of restoring the trust of our customers.

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