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Almost 30 years have passed since the broadcast of the first episode of ‘Friends’, the iconic television sitcom, which It became a worldwide success for its particular sense of humor and for portraying the daily life of the average New Yorker through a group of friends.

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the film continues to generate the bizarre sum of one billion dollars a year

The surprising thing about this Warner Bros production is that to this day it continues to be broadcast on a variety of streaming platforms and on the most commercial entertainment channels on the market. His fans, young and old, continue to laugh at jokes that seem to have no expiration date.

And it is that the validity of the program has made the series continue to be one of the inputs that generates the most income for Warner; What’s more, its actors still receive multimillion-dollar royalties for their participation in the recordings, including Jennifer Aniston, who has been able to consolidate a great career in Hollywood.

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How much is the series billing?

“Friends” was on the air for 10 years, but its broadcast rights have been changing hands for almost two decades. This has undoubtedly made it one of the most watched television series in the history of the small screen. a title that its actors have been able to take advantage of, who can perfectly stop working and continue living from what the program generates.

According to ‘Usa Today’, one of the most prestigious media in the United States, the film continues to produce the bizarre sum of one billion dollars a year “almost fixedly”.

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Of that amount, the cast made up of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow receive two percent. And maybe you’ll say it’s a little thing, but the reality is that that’s $20 million a year in broadcasting rights.

A figure totally far from what they received in the mid-nineties, because according to the aforementioned media, the earnings could leave 22,500 dollars per chapter; that is, half a million dollars per recorded season.

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