Fortnite Season 3 Week 3 Missions


Epic Games launched a new series of missions in Fortnite and players can now complete them to get as much experience as possible.

Fortnite Season 3 Week 3 Missions - Chapter 3
Fortnite Season 3 Week 3 Missions – Chapter 3

Like every Thursday, the players of Fortnite you will find new weekly missions today when you enter the game. These are the missions corresponding to the Semanates 3, from season 3 and chapter 3 of Fortnite.

Each of the seven new quests grants 15,000 XP upon completion, With this XP, players will be able to level up, earn Battle Stars, and progress through the game. battle pass of the current game season.

These are the new weekly missions:

Week 3 Missions – Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3

• Get maximum shield in a temple (0/1)
Reward: 15,000 XP

• Get 3 seconds in the air inside a ground vehicle (0/1)
Reward: 15,000 XP

• Smash and roll runaway rocks with a melee weapon (0/3)
Reward: 15,000 XP

• Charge an opponent while riding a boar (0/1)
Reward: 15,000 XP

• Deal damage to opponents within 30 seconds of coming out of the water (0/75)
Reward: 15,000 XP

• Knock up an enemy player with a shock grenade (0/1)
Reward: 15,000 XP

• Jump from a trampoline (0/3)
Reward: 15,000 XP

Remember that you have until the end of the season to complete each mission, so there is no rush to do so.

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