Fortnite Battle Royale: changes and news of patch 21.10

Fortnite Battle Royale, which as you know is usually updated every week, already allows us download patch 21.10 on all platforms. With him come a lot of changes, updates and new skins, which will be available very soon. So as not to miss anything, below we detail the main changes, additions and updates coming to the game:

map changes

  • the area of Abandoned Sawmillnear the north coast of the island, now called Sprouting Sawmill.
  • The Darth Vader’s ship landing at a random point in every game. Darth Vader is a hostile characterbut does not count as an NPC.
  • Darth Vader drops his lightsaber being removed. It is a mythical weapon and can be thrown to damage opponents.
  • Now there are some special chests that contain lightsabers.
  • additions The Order and Musclestwo new NPCs.

Changes in missions

have been added various quest blocks new ones, each with their corresponding rewards in the form of XP or cosmetic items. Remember that some are not available yet:

  • missions of no sweat (summer event).
  • missions of Cool (They are like the Resistance quests from the previous Season, a second type of weekly quests).
  • Nindo quests (event quests that allow you to get cosmetic items).
  • It is confirmed that Wild Weeks will be back soon.

Weapon Changes

  • Added a new type of flare gun that shoots fireworks. It works identically to the normal Flare Gun.
  • Added the Saw Throwerswhich is now available to use as a weapon.

Gameplay Changes

  • There is data to suggest that a Zero Build mode will be added to Fray.
  • The community can choose the new Pisos Picados soon, among the options that there will be of the creations of the community.
  • New LFG (Looking for Game) options to make it easier to find games.
  • new options for creative mode.
  • Various adjustments to solve the problems with Survivors in Save the World.

Novelties in skins, characters…

  • You can already see the Additional Rewards styles (Platinum Rift, Lapislzuli, Gold Flare) for Adira, Evie, Malik, Sabina, and Stormwalker.

  • Added files for Hinata, Itachi, Gaara and Orochimaru (characters, alternate styles, loading screens, hang gliders, backpacking accessories, harvesting tools, and built-in emotes).

  • Added various styles to characters already available in the Shop, as well as upcoming packs.

Fortnite Battle Royale: Season 3 now available!

Fortnite Battle Royale - Artwork of Season 3 with the characters of the battle pass plummeting towards the Battle Island

We remind you that we have a full guide for the Season 3, Episode 3 of fortnite battle royalewhere we will tell you everything you need to get everything in the successful Epic Games game.

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