Eva Mendes takes it easy, she does not yearn for her acting career

Who can forget him as the woman Will Smith fell in love with in Hitch: pick up specialist back in 2005, or as Mónica Delgado, the determined Latin girl who accompanied Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson, in Fast & Furious: Full Throttle 2 ? Since she surprised with her participation in training days Along with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, the daughter of two Cuban immigrants born and raised in Miami began to gain prominence by leaps and bounds at a time when her roots did not necessarily help her to be respected.

And although a decade ago having Eva Mendes in a cast could help get financing for a movie, the dream of starting a family was stronger. In 2011, when director Derek Cianfrance envisioned her as the mother of Ryan Gosling’s baby in Crossroad it soon became clear that instinct had not failed him. Before filming began, the two had fallen madly in love and about three years later the couple’s first daughter, Esmeralda (7), was born. Two years later, the second arrived, Amada (6).

The artist of Cuban descent decided to move away from her career to dedicate herself fully to her daughters, as her mother did with her

Cianfrance’s film was his last participation with a major role. She reappeared in the cinema in 2014 with a small collaboration in lost-river the directorial debut of his partner, starring Christina Hendricks and Saoirse Ronan, and although it was officially presented at the Cannes Film Festival, it barely managed to recover a quarter of the two million dollars it cost.

In an interview with the program Today of the NBC network, Mendes assured that she had never thought about being a mother until she was 40: “Suddenly I met Ryan Gosling, I fell in love with him and decided that I wanted to have his children,” he said. “When I met him I felt like I wanted to create life with Ryan, and oddly enough becoming a mother has been the most creative thing I’ve ever done.”

When asked why she had decided to walk away from her career to focus on her daughters, Mendes explained that she followed the example of her mother, Eva Pérez Suárez, who devoted herself fully to her until she was 8 or 9 years old. When asked if she had missed anything about acting in all these years, Eva blankly went blank, and after a while she joked, “Maybe the catering service.”

A few days later, the 48-year-old actress appeared on the variety show hosted by Whoppi Goldberg, The view , to continue with the promotion of one of its brands, Skyra Style, detailing on camera how to use a special sponge to wash the dishes. Today turned into a successful businesswoman, Eva de la Caridad Méndez recounted how she once accepted jobs that did not convince her just to have money.

Although he clarified that he is still acting, probably for having lent the voice to a character in an episode of the Disney Junior animated series bluey which was broadcast last year, acknowledged that she is interested in returning, although under very strict conditions: “Before I did everything, but now that I have children I don’t want to do scenes of violence or sex. The list of what I can do is very short, ”she advanced.

When asked if he would return if the conditions he needs were met, he stated: “I hope so. But it has to be something very nice and very clean. Something from Disney would be perfect,” she said jokingly. Owner of an Instagram account with 2.7 million followers, Mendes also admitted in the interview that last year he decided to stay away from social networks: “I started to feel quite false. One has to generate content all the time and suddenly I discovered that I spent the day asking myself if what I was experiencing could be used for a post on the networks, and I did not want to live like that. I was interested in being more genuine. I think my last post was when I got on a Ferris wheel, and suddenly I wondered what I was doing, “she confessed to the hosts of the program. Whoopi Goldberg had no qualms about offering him a job, inviting him back to The view as part of the driving team.

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