Ellen DeGeneres blurts out the gender of Jennifer Lawrence’s baby

It will be on May 26 when Ellen DeGeneres says goodbye to her program forever after the enormous controversy over abuses of power and despotic treatment of her workers. Everything is already recorded and, as far as is known, the veteran driver is not having a good time. Her cries, in fact, must be listening to her neighbor, Jennifer Lawrence.

They get along very well, to tell the truth. So much so that the Oscar-winning actress has been one of the last guests at the Show -although the final program will feature the same participants as the first, Pink and Jennifer Aniston-, despite the fact that his intervention has been telematically since Lawrence is still taking care of his newborn, of which until now hardly anything was known .

Nothing, of course, beyond the obvious: that he came into the world in February, that he is the firstborn of the 31-year-old interpreter and that the father is JLaw’s husband, Cooke Maroney. And probably because of the friendship Jennifer Lawrence would ask DeGeneres not to say anything… But to the presenter, who has sometimes played tricks on her closeness to the stars, you have missed the sex of the baby.

“I think people don’t know this, but I lived in the house where you live now when I started this program 20 years ago,” the 64-year-old presenter began by recalling, as well as that her move was one of the shortest of history “Now I live next to you and sometimes I can see you living in my old house with a newborn baby”, has continued.

The problem came when the presenter made a point in the conversation to say that sometimes, if you tune up your ears, you can hear them. “By the way, sometimes I hear you talk to him and he’s beautiful,” DeGeneres then affirms, revealing, obviously, that Jennifer Lawrence has had a son.

Although there are those who claim that he may have used an English pronoun (“him”) unintentionally, there are also those who think that the subconscious has betrayed him and that DeGeneres has revealed it.

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